We already broke the 100 degree mark in the Valley this week.  It won’t be long before the heat’s here to stay. 

Heat is one of the most dangerous weather situations in public health – actually it’s the #1 weather-related killer.  Last year 152 Arizonans died from heat exposure….  with 80% happening in June, July and August.  The largest age group for heat-related deaths are people over 55 (75% are men).  We also had about 2,500 emergency department visits and 548 hospital admissions from heat illness last year.  You can see why we work hard to educate people about the danger of heat and hold a water drive every year via social media.  

We’re also launching our annual water drive this month.  Last year, team ADHS brought in more than 60,000 bottles of water that went to outreach groups and shelters for those who need help escaping from the heat, like the elderly, those who can’t afford to cool their homes and the homeless.