I had the opportunity to talk about the benefits of HB 2103 last week. It’s a real simple bill with the potential to have a big impact.  It would basically allow folks to prepare (not potentially hazardous) food in their own home for commercial purposes as long as they package and label it with the ingredients and place it’s made and also letting the buyer know that it wasn’t made under government supervision.  I think there may have been an amendment that would limit it to just confections.

Anyway, I like it because it provides self employment opportunities to folks that might not otherwise be able to find employment.  For example, there are 900 or so group home for folks that have developmental or intellectual disabilities in Arizona.  If this bill were to be successful, it could provide a way for these folks to start a small oatmeal cookie business for example.  This would give them the opportunity to make a little pocket change as well as build self esteem for the bakers by knowing they are making something that someone else can enjoy.