In last week’s update, I discussed the impact of federal sequestration to the main agencies who award us funding. We’re expecting a 5% reduction to our funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, a program that provides access to HIV/AIDS medications for patients with limited or no insurance coverage.  We should be OK in this program even with the cut.

For the last couple of years we’ve been using a creative way to coordinate benefits and enroll clients in the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan to save money.  We’ve also lowered our costs by filing rebate claims with manufacturers based on medication co-pay assistance.  Increased funding from rebates allows us to continue to assist clients while preparing for the transition to the new health insurance marketplaces under Affordable Care Act.  Big kudos go out to Rob Bailey for cementing the rebate strategy into practice and to Carla Chee, Lisa Fuentes, and the rest of the team for being proactive in planning and strategizing for the upcoming changes to service delivery under the Affordable Care Act.