The next meeting of the Midwifery Scope of Practice Advisory Committee will be from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday April 3, 2013 at the State Laboratory Conference Room located at 250 N. 17th Avenue in Phoenix.   Here’s the agenda for the meeting.  Our Rules team is still working on the set of draft rules that we’ll be discussing at the April 3 meeting.  We expect the next iteration of the straw draft rules to be posted on our rules website by close of business on March 27.

Those of you that have been following the developments of our regulatory reform effort for our licensed midwives know that we’re in a kind of transition period.  While we won’t be finished with our regulatory reform rules package for midwife licensing until the end of June…  we still need to make sure that we’re administering our current regulations as efficiently as possible.

Our midwife licensing team recently noticed that the midwife quarterly reports have been submitted using as  many as 3 different forms.  Last week our team sent out the appropriate current quarterly reporting form to be sure that we’re getting the right information under the current regulations.   I think there’s been some confusion among the folks that got the form last week.  To be clear…  the form that our team sent out last week is the current quarterly report form- not the reporting requirement that will ultimately be required under our future rules (the new reporting will be 100% electronic). 

Also, the requirement in the current form for documentation of medical backup is a current requirement.  Whether or not we continue to require that kind of documentation hasn’t been determined yet- but the draft rules that we have discussed this far don’t include that specific requirement.  We regret any confusion or concern that the updated form may have raised.