web az-state-health-assessment-coverWe use a lot of CDC grants  in Arizona to promote public health.  I’ve talked about what we do with the Maternal and Child Health, as well as the Behavioral Health, grants in previous blogs.  There’s another grant that lets us focus on issues that are specifically tailored to Arizona.  The Preventive Health block grant helps fund our skin cancer prevention, rape prevention and our prescription drug abuse prevention programs, along with other initiatives including Public Health Accreditation.  Every year we take time to evaluate how we’re spending the money and determine whether there are new public health priorities.

This Thursday is evaluation time – and we invite you to come hear about the programs that we fund with this block grant and give us your thoughts.  We use input from you and public health partners, along with the information we compiled in the State Health Assessment to plan ahead for the spending.  If you’re interested in coming, the meeting will be from 3:45 to 4:45 at ADHS, 150 N. 18th Avenue.