Make sure you check out our maturing community garden on the east side of the 1740 building.  The tomatoes are doing very well and producing now.  I ate some celery yesterday which was good too.  New plants are showing up all the time as folks pitch in.  If you have a garden at home or are considering putting one in- remember- it’s not too late for some plants especially if you build in some shade.  I built a shade structure at our garden at home with just rebar and bailing wire (there are a couple of pictures on the Facebook.  Just get some cut ½ inch rebar and pound them straight in the ground at the corners and every 10 feet in between.  Tie some 3/8 inch rebar to the tops for cross pieces using bailing wire and vice grips or pliers (Home Depot will let you use their rebar cutter for free in the rental area).  You can hold the rebar in place with duct tape as you tie the rebar together with bailing wire.  Then stretch 30% shade screen over the top and secure it with bailing wire.

You can pretty much fix and do anything with vice grips, bailing wire and duct tape.