IMG_0414Did you know that one blood donation could save up to three lives? While most people will resolve to get into better shape or quit smoking, donating blood is another resolution you can make to help save a life, or three.

January is National Blood Donor Month. ADHS employees support blood drive efforts by donating blood four times a year. We just held a blood drive this week with a great turnout despite the rainy day! The American Red Cross estimates that 38 percent of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood, but only about 10 percent will make donations.

All blood types are needed, but type O negative is always in high demand as it can be given to anyone. The donation process takes about an hour from interview screening to after-donation refreshments. To donate blood there are certain eligibility requirements, ranging from health and travel history, to potential risk factor such as illicit drug use and tattoo history. Take a look at United Blood Services requirements for a complete listing.