More than 10% of Arizonans have diabetes.  But what’s even more alarming are the recent estimate by the CDC that about 1.5 million Arizonans (25%) have pre-diabetes, a condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be considered diabetes.  Pre-diabetes significantly raises a person’s risk of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

To see if you’re at risk, visit and click on the “Arizona Diabetes Program,” and then select the “Are You at Risk ?” button, which will direct you to our online risk assessment tool.  There’s a lot you can do to reduce your risk of getting diabetes, including eating healthy and exercising.  In fact, losing weight is a great way to reduce your risk as well – losing just 5% of total body weight can reduce a person’s risk.  For a 200 lb. person, that means they’d need to lose less than 15 lbs.

Statewide, the YMCA offers diabetes an evidence-based education and prevention program that’s open to adults who have a diagnosis of pre-diabetes or who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) at or over 25 (a risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes). For more information about diabetes, including Diabetes Self-Management classes, contact the Arizona Diabetes Program at