Under the provisions of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act we had 120 days to get the entire program up and running.  A short timeframe for this complex program (to say the least).  That gives us until close of business on April 13, 2011 to have everything ready.  That means we’ll need to finish the Rulemaking (our goal is March 28), including finishing the regulatory system for approving, renewing, and revoking the registration of qualifying patients, designated caregivers, nonprofit dispensaries, and dispensary agents.  We also need to be finished with the development of a sophisticated information technology system that’ll track a whole host of data, including on-line application systems for patients, caregivers and agents.  The on-line applications will be ready for testing next week.  By the way, the applications for qualified patients, caregivers and agents will be 100% electronic with no-walk in traffic.  There are dozens of moving pieces right now, but pretty much everything is on track

We released our first “Notice of Intention to Bid” to find a contractor for secure registration cards and printer equipment today.  The idea is to find a vendor for the next year that will provide the cards, printer equipment, accessories, installation, technical support, training and equipment maintenance for the cards that we’ll be issuing for qualified patients, caregivers and dispensary agents.  We’ll be paying for this service with the card application fees that we’ll be collecting starting next month.  The bid is called ADHS11-00000543 on Procure AZ and it closes Friday, March 18 at 3 p.m.