A few weeks ago, I wrote about our new Home Baked and Confectionary Goods Program. Since then, the program has really taken off.  About 700 people have registered with the program since we turned the key a few weeks ago, baking a variety of snacks, ranging from cookies and cupcakes to healthy goodies.  Bakers who want to sell their products from their home can register for their certificate on our website. All they need is a food handlers’ card (if required by their county) a product they want to sell, and some elbow grease. Once they’re registered and have their certificate, they can sell their goods in a variety of shops and markets. 

Here’s a brand-new dynamite 6 minute video that our team put together that walks folks through the basics of the new program including showing home-based bakers at work. The video was a collaborative project across the agency including our offices of children with special health care needs and environmental health and our bureau of nutrition and physical activity.  The team was led by Marta Urbina, Rita Aitken, Diane Eckles, Dallas Teat, and Adrienne Udarbe.  Check it out when you have a few minutes. 

P.S. Our admin council team put together a package of rules to flesh out the provisions for the new cottage industry program.  The close of public comment was last week- and our folks are working on final rules- which will be ready shortly.