I’ve written a few times about fluoridation – about it being an inexpensive public health intervention and the benefits of fluoride when the EPA and HHS changed the how much they recommend to add to the water supply. But it’s always an interesting topic to revisit.

Recently, the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health did an evidence review  of Community Water Floridation (CWF). It reviewed studies done since 2000 to look at the known benefits and harms of adding fluoride to the water. The report found:

“The scientific evidence at this time provides high certainty that CWF benefits both children and adults with a reduction in tooth caries. There is moderate certainty that CWF causes tooth mottling in a small proportion of the population, which can have cosmetic consequences but no other known harm.”

You can find the report and other information about Community Water Fluoridation in Arizona on our website.