Where would the inventory come from if Proposition 203 (the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act) passes?  As near as I can tell…  it could come from at least 3 places:

  1. enclosed cultivation facilities associated with dispensaries;
  2. enclosed cultivation facilities operated by caregivers on behalf of cardholders, if the people they care for live 25 miles from the nearest dispensary; or
  3. in enclosed locations at cardholders houses if they live more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary.

I think the intent is for all the inventory to come from these 3 places and not the “street”, but the Initiative doesn’t explicitly say that it can’t come from outside sources (e.g. the “street”).  We’d definitely need to nail that part down in our Rule if this passes and if we have the authority.

Dispensaries that apply for and receive a license from the ADHS would be authorized to cultivate marijuana plants in …“an enclosed locked facility at a physical address provided to the department during the registration process”.  Only registered dispensary agents would be allowed access.  The grow rooms could be a closet, room or greenhouse that have locks or other security that we approve.  Interestingly, enclosed may not necessarily mean “indoors”, it could just be inaccessible (possibly 4 tall walls exposed to the sky).

Cardholders that live more than about 25 miles from the nearest dispensary would be able to grow at an enclosed location at their own house if they have the right kind of security, however they’d only be able to grow 12 Cannabis plants at any given time.  Caregivers could also grow at their house or another closed locked facility if the people that they care for live more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary.  Since caregivers are limited to 5 patients, they are presumably limited to growing 60 plants at any given time, although I can’t find that limit explicitly stated in the Initiative.  I think caregivers might actually be able to grow 72 plants at a time indoors if they’re a cardholder themselves and also care for 5 other people.

P.S. Some of the information above might be influenced by local zoning restrictions that could come later.