Certain “Similac®” powdered baby formulas were recalled this week by the manufacturer (Abbott Labs) because they discovered there were bugs (beetles) in the formula from one of their manufacturing plants.  According to the FDA (who regulates foods including formula), the formula that contains beetles doesn’t pose an immediate health risk but babies that drink it could get stomach aches and stop eating because the insect parts could irritate their stomach & intestines.

The recall includes Similac® powder in plastic containers and in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans.  The bugs are really small so you can’t go by looks, so parents need to visit www.similac.com/recall and type in their lot number to see if they have recalled formula powder.  (The lot number is printed on the bottom of the cans.)  There shouldn’t be any recalled product left on store shelves by now, but some people probably have some in their pantries.

We notified our WIC providers so they can reach out to our WIC families, but the recall covers less than 2% of the eligible formulas that our program provides.  Meanwhile, our partners at the county health department (Sanitarians) do checks at stores to make sure that the formula actually makes it off the shelves.