We’re excited to roll out the new cottage industry food law . You can see the new statute at A.R.S. 36-136(H)(4)(g).   It’ll provide self-employment opportunities to folks that might not otherwise be able to find work and for supplemental income for others that have a great recipe.  The new law allows folks to bake food (not considered “potentially hazardous” as defined by our rules) in a home kitchen and be able to sell it commercially.  For example, the more than 900 or so group homes for folks that have developmental or intellectual disabilities would be able to start up a home cottage industry like a small oatmeal cookie business and sell their food to local grocers and families can prepare their favorite baked recipe at home for sale.  Previously, the law would have required people to invest in expensive commercial equipment or rent space in a commercial kitchen.  No more.

 Our brand-new cottage industry food website lays out some of the information folks will need to turn the key- including sample labels, ingredient templates, and how to get a food handler card if their county requires one.  Folks can also go to the website to register (as required by the new law).  Our team of nutritionists have also posted some healthy “non potentially hazardous” recipes to give folks a head start.  Folks will also be able to sign up for electronic updates of new healthy recipes and food safety information.

 Thanks, team.  This is a great website and a well organized program.