Our behavioral health team has been working for months to ensure a smooth transition to the new behavioral health service package for our folks that are receiving services but don’t qualify for AHCCCS benefits. We’re continuing to update our  Guidelines Fact Sheet and our guidance to contractors regarding services to Non-Title XIX members with serious mental illness, crisis services and support housing services

Our behavioral health teams have been very busy working on priority projects related to the transition.  Here are a few of the most recent accomplishments: 1) Two new Crisis system support documents were posted and numerous revised policies were released at the beginning of last week; 2) the RBHA transition plans were reviewed and feedback was disseminated this week; and 3) monitoring plans for crisis services, non-Title XIX supported housing programs were discussed internally and were reviewed with the RBHA CEOs this week.  As always, check out the updated material at www.azdhs.gov/bhs/updates.