This week we’re making 3 efficiency changes in our behavioral health system.  Instead of having providers bill us and AHCCCS for different services, all the bills will go to AHCCCS- and we’ll get statements from them.  It’ll be the same with enrollment- all paperwork is processed through AHCCCS and we’ll get a standard report that will keep the system up-to-date.  The 3rd change should make it more efficient for determining whether someone has a Serious Mental Illness in the greater Phoenix area.  The Crisis Response Network will evaluate the information based on our standards. 

Once again – thanks to the amazing number of people who came together from IT and Behavioral Health to make these changes a reality including Ravi Pitti, Geetanjali Bandi, Nasrin Akhter, Laxma Veeravelly, Desi Grosso, and Vickie Kropp, Kumar Mani and Serghei Scafaru.