Our Request For Purchase (otherwise known as RFP) Core Team (Bob Sorce, Victoria Navarra, Teresita Oaks, and Chris Leavitt) and our entire cast of characters has been doing a full court press for the last 6 months to put together the Scope of Work that we’ll use when we go out for bid for the massive behavioral health services contract in Maricopa County later this summer.  

Getting here was a mountain of work- but by breaking the project down into digestible bites and keeping everything organized via SharePoint- we’re just about there.  Our homestretch activities include identifying, collecting and packaging all the “Documents Incorporated by Reference” and doing final touch up work.  Shortly after we’ve done that, the Scope of Work package will go over to our partners at the AG’s Office for a review.  If all goes well- we’ll be ready to put the project out to bid later this Summer. 

It’s difficult to put into words how much work has gone into this product.  I know that many of you put this work on top of all your normal work, had put off other projects, and sacrificed some of your home-life for this product- and I just really want you to know that I appreciate it.  It’s going to save lives.