ASH-feature_homeThanks for all your hard work in changing our culture of care at the Hospital.  It’s been 2 years since we implemented new processes to change how we work with patients.  We’ve revised roles and responsibilities for unit staff and campus support, trained all our staff in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, which is an evidence-based, best practice for early intervention and de-escalation created by the Crisis Prevention Institute.

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention is a tool that provides a better therapeutic environment for patients and residents to live and improves safety for everyone.  It has guided us as we implemented a new code response process, enhanced the environment, improved nursing processes, improved program delivery focused on recruitment and retention and committed ourselves to Quality Care.

Our efforts are producing promising results – with demonstrated reductions in seclusion and assaults.  This progress wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of each and every one of you.  We still have milestones to achieve…and we’ll continue to work towards them every day.  Thanks to Team ASH for your hard work and commitment to accomplish our goals.