The ADHS MEDSIS Program and Tuberculosis Control Program have teamed up to enhance the already unique relationship with our Sonoran Public Health counterparts. As of June 25, we welcomed CureTB, an international referral agency, onto MEDSIS. The ADHS TB Control Program and Office of Border Health has a long standing relationship working with CureTB in following TB cases and contacts across international borders to achieve completion of tuberculosis treatment.

CureTB plays a critical role in joining the links between TB programs in Arizona and Sonora. In the past, this follow-up has occurred over the phone or through faxing information back and forth between agencies. With CureTB using MEDSIS, we are now able to immediately share and send information about referred cases electronically through a centralized system, which streamlines the process of case sharing and updates.  Arizona is the first and only state to have an international referral agency on their electronic surveillance system.

Having CureTB on MEDSIS closes the loop for internationally referred TB cases and contacts and strengthens our existing partnerships among all agencies.  In the next few weeks, the remaining international referral agency, TBNet, will be added to the system as well.