Our preparation for the implementation of the AZ Medical Marijuana Act is on track.  We’ve made a great deal of progress on all fronts over the last couple of weeks.  The informal draft of the Administrative Code that we’ll release next Friday is really starting to gel.  We’ve got the key elements hammered out and our Rules team will be doing the cross matching with the initiative as well as the internal rule indexing over the coming week.  Once our Medical Officers team reviews the draft rule next Wednesday, I’ll check out their recommendations and we’ll put the finishing touches on the informal draft Rule.

IT has made tremendous progress on the “front end” of the database for the qualified patient and caregiver electronic application.  They’ve started work on the “back end” and relational pieces.  Our Webmaster and Marketing Committee helped polish the website for next Friday when you’ll see our re-vamped website including FAQs for the general public and Stakeholders.  Out IT team has also finished development of the electronic tool that we’ll use to solicit electronic comments from the public from December 17 through January 7.

Vital Records and Environmental Health have begun developing workflow templates and resource needs assessments.  Procurement and finance have done some background work on their pieces too.  Communications has begun writing the media release for next Friday and is putting the finishing touches on the FAQ for the general public that we’ll post next Friday.

All in all, it’s been a very productive couple of weeks.  Thanks for stepping up everyone!