Several of our staff have participated in Governor Ducey’s Transformation of Arizona State Government project, which is a multifaceted approach to rethink how state government operates and conducts business with internal stakeholders and external customers.

One of the recent successes of the project was the Permit Blitz that streamlined and developed a set of best practices to process permits and licenses in 23 state agencies. The team addressed issues such as incomplete applications, excessive hand-offs, internal review loops, and lack of overall tracking. The agencies that were part of the Permit Blitz were able to reduce the time it takes the issue a permit or state license by 2/3 on average and, in some cases, as much as 90 percent faster.

The Transformation of Arizona State Government project is a great example of collaboration and utilizing the expertise of our staff to improve state government. I want to give special thanks and congratulations to our ADHS Team that helped with this important project.