Last October a person that was awaiting a civil commitment hearing escaped from our Arizona Community Protection and Treatment Center ACPTC, which provides for the civil commitment of people who have a mental disorder that predisposes them to commit sexual acts that pose a danger to the health and safety of others.  Fortunately the person that escaped was apprehended by an alert law enforcement officer. 


That event triggered a thorough investigation by ourselves with help from our partners at the Arizona Department of Corrections.  We concluded that the escape happened because of a combination of physical security weaknesses along with some operational problems.  We were able to fix the operational problems right away- but it took until this week to finish the physical security enhancements.  We completed major security enhancements this week including miles of new razor wire, new security cameras, night-time lighting improvements, motion detectors on the fences, and new visual security technology.  We were able to keep the labor costs way down by using qualified inmates from the Arizona Department of Corrections for much of the labor.


This transition time has been difficult for our team at the ACPTC because daily patterns needed to be changed so that we could complete the security enhancements safely.  Thank you all out at the ACPTC for your hard work day-in and day-out during the transition.