The Legislature passed (and the Governor signed) a new law this past session that expands the number of reportable fields for abortion procedures that occur in Arizona.  There are about 17 reportable fields and new reporting requirements for complications that occur as a result of the procedure.  All of the data is confidential and there are no personally identifiable patient fields that are reported. The law also requires the Department to write up an annual report summarizing the data that we collect.  The new law SB1304 will become effective at the beginning of July.

The law specifies that the data needs to be submitted electronically, which is an important provision because we have limited ability to do the data entry ourselves.  Out IT and Vital Statistics areas are busy getting the computer application up and running so that we’re ready to go on July 1.  We’ll also be coordinating the new reporting requirements with Licensure, as it will be in the process of setting up the inspection procedures over the summer, with the expectation that we will begin licensing and surveying the clinics starting November 1.