We’ve got an exiting year in store for the Arizona State Hospital in 2011.  One of the highlights will be our New Forensic Hospital which will open in the Fall.  During 2010 our Forensic team reorganized their treatment groups to focus on both psychiatric symptom stability and pro-social skill development and engagement.  During 2011 we’ll further apply these principles and group patients in their various phases of recovery by physical unit in the new facility.  We’ll also be developing staff teams for the new units that have skill sets that better meet the therapeutic needs of the patient group.  Additionally, we’ll study the new hospital environment and develop safe procedures for operation.  We’ll also continue to consolidate and organize all clinical services, moving away from our silo approach (civil, forensic, ACPTC).  This will enhance and improve the efficiency of our clinical expertise throughout campus.

Another priority is to examine the day to day operation of all the units with the treatment staff as well as with our Security Department.  We know there are opportunities to improve the inter-relationships of treatment and security, which will result in a safer treatment setting and better efficiency.  Additionally, the “workforce development” training being offered in Training and Education will be provided globally throughout campus to all levels of staff.  This training will be expanded for any staff providing supervision to other staff to include supervisory and leadership skill development.

Another top priority in 2011 will be to improve our ability to respond during emergencies.  We’ll be working on a new Continuity of Operations Planning; in it each area of the Hospital will create a specific plan that can immediately be placed into operation during an emergency.   We’re also participating in the ADHS Hospital Preparedness Program, which will provide new (federal) resources to improve the State Hospital’s Incident Command Center’s communication equipment, staff training and exercises.

In 2011 the Hospital will continue to enhance critical IT applications that will improve work efficiency while decreasing medical errors.  This will include a fully implemented pharmacy management system that will not only aid in the ordering, dispensing and administration of medications but will also improve data for billing and drug ordering.  We’ll further evaluate this system for other advanced practices such as electronic medication administration record, bar code medication administration and electronic physician order entry.  In addition, we’ll continue to explore IT enhancements to other hospital operations such as Lab ordering, drawing and reporting of results.

All in all- an exciting year.