iStock_000019421888MediumA healthcare provider’s strong recommendation for vaccination has an enormous influence on whether patients of all ages receive recommended vaccines and the protection against dangerous diseases that these vaccines give. At ADHS, we implement many strategies to support the healthcare providers who provide community protection through vaccination. Staff in our Assessment, Feedback, Incentive, and eXchange (AFIX ) Program visit immunization providers across the state to discuss immunization coverage rates and missed opportunities, address barriers, and develop personalized quality improvement strategies.

These quality improvement strategies include immunization provider actions such as utilizing automated reports from our vaccine registry (ASIIS) to identify and contact children who are due for their next vaccination, routinely measuring vaccine coverage levels within the healthcare practice, and scheduling the next vaccination visit before the parent and child leave the office.

While addressing vaccine hesitancy and negative vaccine-related beliefs is an ongoing priority, we will also continue our work in support of Arizona immunization providers.  Our collaboration with partners to increase training and education and to reinforce the importance of strong immunization provider recommendations is vital to improving immunization rates and keeping kids safe.