Arizona Health-e Connection – better known as AzHeC- is a state-wide public/private collaborative for advancing the adoption of health information technology and health information exchange. We have a seat on the board which advances the secure and private sharing of electronic health information. Here’s their 2011 Annual Report

The Arizona Health-e Connection team has been working closely with Janet Mullen and Paula Mattingly as well as other key IT team members at ADHS regarding the electronic submission of immunizations and regarding  the options that health care providers have to meet related “Meaningful Use” requirements…  which includes submitting a “test” for the electronic submission of immunizations to the registry.  When we recently conducted a pilot regarding the use of a new point-to-point, secure messaging solution for health information exchange (called Direct Exchange) the Arizona Health-e Connection team worked closely with us and used a few willing Arizona Regional Extension Center to conduct the pilot.  We’re planning to move that project into production this fall, so that Direct Exchange can be utilized for ongoing submission of immunizations to the registry.