LaB_animated_bannerLeaders across Borders (LaB) is an advanced leadership development program funded by the U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission.  The idea is to build bi-national leadership capacity of public health, health care, and other community sectors to improve the health of communities in the U.S.- México border region. 

Right now (and through February 13) we’re looking for public health, health care, and other community-sector leaders to apply for the next year’s leadership academy.  We’re looking for folks that: 1) have at least five years’ experience working in the U.S.-México border region; 2) are committed to working with vulnerable populations and promoting health equity, eliminating health disparities, and increasing quality of life within the U.S.-México border region; and 3) want to enhance their leadership and health diplomacy skills, professional networks, and understanding of binational public health assets, challenges, and systems as a means to identify solutions.

LaB participants should: 1) be able to serve as health professionals regardless of academic level; 2) have 5-years of experience working in public health, health-related fields, or community settings within the U.S.-México border region; 3) currently work in a leadership role; and 4) be proficient in English and Spanish.  Scholarships may available to cover travel, lodging, and per diem expenses. 

For more information about the Leaders across Borders Program please go to and click in the Leaders across Borders banner.