Please join me in welcoming three folks from the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission to the ADHS team today.  The Legislature and Governor made a statutory change last cycle that moved the Commission to us, and their mission is a good fit.  The Commission basically awards contracts for projects researching the causes, epidemiology and diagnosis, formulation of cures, medically accepted treatment and prevention of diseases, including drug discovery and development and provides some oversight of the projects that they approve.  Their funding (a few million dollars per year) comes from tobacco taxes and some lottery funds.

There had been some uncertainty about whether the Commission would actually move to our team because of a lawsuit that was filed several weeks ago asking the court to stop the move, but that suit was dismissed.  One of the Commissioners filed an appeal, but we don’t expect that action to change anything.

Shoana Anderson has volunteered to serve as the acting Executive Director for the Commission.  Cara Christ will also help out.  Both will continue with their other Department duties, but will add the Commission work to their responsibilities.  Please take a little time to welcome the 3 folks from the Commission staff that will be joining us.  They’ll be located on the NE side of 1st floor of the 150 Building.  Our first priorities will be to get a good handle on the “books” and make some recommendations to replace several expired Commission slots.