Starting this month, ADHS will be launching a project to screen water in many licensed child care facilities for lead. Our Child Care Licensing surveyors will collect water from a sample of drinking water sources at facilities while they’re out to conduct facility inspections. The surveyors will bring the water samples to our Arizona State Public Health Laboratory for lead testing. Members of Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program will review the results to determine whether the sampled water meets the safe drinking water standard. If screening levels are found above safe drinking water standards at any facility, our Lead team will go back out to the facility to collect confirmatory samples for testing at our lab.

Throughout the project, we’ll make information and education available to child care facilities, parents, and caregivers to help answer questions and promote lead poisoning prevention. While drinking water has not historically been found to be a cause of lead poisoning in Arizona, common sources include lead-based paint, imported glazed pottery, imported spices, Mexican candy, traditional and folk remedies, and certain jobs or hobbies. This project has been designed to help ensure that we’re supporting our child care partners in promoting health and wellness for all Arizonans. Check out our Lead webpage for more information and resources on childhood lead poisoning prevention.