iStock_000007286678Large-smallThe Maricopa County Superior Court’s National Adoption Day was held at the Durango Juvenile Court Center on Nov. 21. National Adoption Day is an annual event held every year to raise awareness for adoption. Adoptions for hundreds of children are finalized on this special day. This year 295 children were adopted.

Our Bureau of Vital Records Birth Registry Team have participated in this event for the last three years. This year the team greeted families at our booth and provided a brief packet with instructions on how to amend and obtain a certified copy of the birth certificate for their adopted child. The Bureau also provided a few items for adoptive parents and adoptive children to help celebrate their special day.

The team had the opportunity to observe an adoption proceeding and witness how the Certificate of Adoption form, created by the Bureau, is utilized in the adoption process. The Bureau appreciates the collaborative working relationship the Birth Registry Team and the court personnel have formed not only for this event but for collective business matters that occur on a daily basis.

Each adopted child received a complimentary goody bag from the court and has his or her first official family photograph taken right after the adoption. We are honored to be a part of such an important event in the lives of Arizona citizens.