HHS rolled out a new Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource Center this week.  The online Resource Center is designed for organizations working to prevent teen pregnancy across the country. The TPP Resource Center provides skill-building materials, including webinars, tip-sheets, e-learning modules, and podcasts, in an easy-to-use one-stop shop and provides resources and direct-service information on topics related to teen pregnancy, such as adolescent mental health, substance use, and dating violence.

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource Center provides training materials and resources for TPP grantees and other organizations working to reduce teen pregnancy in the United States. It offers: E-Learning modules, informative podcasts, webinars, and training materials.  The on-line tools include resources for Choosing an Evidence-Based Program and Curriculum; Selecting an Evidence-Based Program; Adapting Evidence-Based Programs and Evaluation including Evaluation Planning, Design, Data Collection and Analysis.