trainingImproving health outcomes at licensed healthcare facilities in Arizona requires 2 main ingredients.  Having regulations and encourage continuous quality improvement (which is now complete) and providing our licensed facilities with the information they need to implement practices (in accordance with the regulations) to execute positive change.

Now that we’ve finished developing the new regulations, it’s time to build the knowledge base so facilities can use those new regulations to improve care.  To that end…  three of our Licensing Bureaus (Medical, Long Term Care, and Residential Living) have been busy conducting combined provider and surveyor trainings and attending association meetings.  Literally hundreds of key staff from dozens of different types of institutions have been participating in the trainings- which focus on the practical nuts and bolts of how (and why) to comply with and use the new regulations to improve outcomes.

During the past couple of months our providers have learned about our new outcome based regulations…  with the ultimate goal of improving compliance, reducing enforcement, and improving public health outcomes.  This approach to licensing supports the public health vision of “Health and Wellness for all Arizonans.”