Lower Antelope Canyon view near Page, ArizonaThe 2014 Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics Report, also known as the “Big Book,” presents an annual update of information on vital statistics and the health status of Arizona residents. It provides statewide number and rates of vital events such as births, stillbirths and deaths, and population-based data on pregnancies, abortions, marriages, divorces, reportable diseases, and hospital discharges.

This report provides critical information to help understand statewide trends, inequalities in health among population groups, and determine high-risk geographical areas. This report allows state and local agencies, non-profits and researchers to track progress in improvement toward defined health and wellness objectives. Data compiled in the report can also be used as a baseline to define prevention priorities, evaluate public health surveillance, and plan health promotion strategies.

This is one of the most popular reports we publish. Our programs use it to help write grants and needs assessments, and numerous libraries, colleges, universities, and other organizations use the Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics Report to make informed decisions regarding the health of Arizona’s population. A limited number of hard copies of the report will be printed in late April and may be requested while supplies last.