Arizona has a strong history supporting, implementing and sustaining Community Health Workers (CHW). The Arizona Department of Health Services Community Health Worker Program, which operates under the auspices of our Bureau of Tobacco & Chronic Disease, is a core component in our commitment to reaching disparate and underserved populations, has been a critical partner supporting the expansion of CHW services, creating training opportunities and encouraging efficient and effective utilization of Community Health workers in Arizona.

In promoting and facilitating the expanded role of Community Health Workers across the state, we have galvanized the participation of a diversity of stakeholders from around the state to bring greater access for Arizonans who can achieve improved health and wellness across a multitude of healthcare systems.  Recently, the Arizona Community Health Workers Association submitted a Sunrise Application to the Arizona Legislature, which follows the national trend towards establishing clear guidelines and training requirements for this critical service.

In Arizona, as is true across the country, CHW’s help drive down the cost of healthcare while improving outcomes, breaking down barriers in the most underserved populations. As this role becomes more defined, ADHS is committed to being an important resource in building the needed resources and infrastructure to reduce health care disparities in Arizona.