WomanandDoctorIn 2013, our Licensing and Infectious Disease Services teams partnered with the Healthcare Associated Infections Advisory Committee to develop a day-long ADVICE Collaborative conference aimed at improving infection control practices. The ADVICE Collaborative brings together licensed dialysis providers, the dialysis network, federal partners and public health professionals to find new ways to promote infection control, build relationships, and identify how public health can assist our providers.

The 2016 ADVICE Collaborative will be held Thursday, June 16 at the Desert Willow Conference Center. This year the collaborative will be interactive and topics will provide approaches and concepts to support dialysis service improvements as well as current changes in practices that will impact the delivery of dialysis care while maintaining optimum care for our Arizona dialysis patients.

Breakout sessions will look at improving clinical outcomes through good assessment and documentation, best practices for infection control, and dialysis water treatment systems and monitoring. Our dialysis providers will have an opportunity to showcase their facility’s best practices and quality improvement projects on a one-page storyboard.

Our ADVICE Collaborative was identified as a best practice pilot in 2013 and featured at the CMS Conference Roadmap to Eliminate Healthcare-Associated Infections. Registration is open if you would like to join the collaborative. Continuing education credits will be offered.