Thanks for giving your all over the last year. I know it hasn’t been easy.  We’ve been though a lot over the last year with budget reductions, furloughs, short staffing and other uncertainty- yet you’ve remained committed to our mission, stayed at your post and  helped move our mission ahead for the people of Arizona.  Thanks.

We have an enormous responsibility.  There isn’t a single person in the State that doesn’t rely on your commitment and dedication.  I certainly appreciate your hard work and I know that the people of Arizona do too.  Remember that even though your job may be difficult at times, you’re privileged to be in a profession that truly makes a difference.

As you reflect over the last year this weekend remember to look at the big picture and focus on the positive things we’ve accomplished together.  We’re an incredible team.  My grandmother used to have something hanging in her bathroom wall that said: “You can do what I can’t do, I can do what you can’t do- Together we can do anything.”