Every May, adolescent health organizations across the U.S. observe National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month with programs and campaigns to promote healthy relationships and decision making for teens. Teen Pregnancy Prevention programs focus on much more than just sexual risk behaviors – also covering healthy relationships, goal setting, decision making skills, and the importance of communicating with parents or other trusted adults.

Here in Arizona, we have programs across the state serving adolescents, their parents and/or their guardians. Programs serve youth in school settings, after-school in community settings, and in group homes for youth in foster care. Youth that participate in our Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs learn about communication skills, risk avoidance, and how to critically think about their actions and consequences. Parent groups focus on talking to youth about risk behaviors, and fostering parent-child communication skills to help young people discuss the common challenges of growing up with the trusted adults in their lives.

More information about our Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs can be found online.