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Arizona Medical Marijuana Program Snapshot at 2

By | April 20th, 2013|General|

This month marked the 2nd anniversary of our Arizona Medical Marijuana Program.   We began issuing cards to qualifying patients 2 years ago this week, and as of April 16th we had about 38,000 qualified patients in AZ. On the Dispensary side of the house…  16 dispensaries are approved to operate in AZ, and another 13 [...]

Dispensary Application Window Opens

By | May 14th, 2012|General|

Today marks the start of the 2-week window for applying for a medical marijuana dispensary Registration Certificate in Arizona.  Prospective applicants can check out our Registration Certificate Application Checklist, Instructions, and the official Application on our Medical Marijuana Dispensary webpage.  In the first two hours, seven people had dropped off applications. We’ll start reviewing applications as they come in- and we’ll stop taking applications [...]