Celebrating our Arizona Immunization Heroes

By | April 24th, 2017|Preparedness|

Last week, we hosted our 24th annual Arizona Immunization Conference. About 400 partners from doctor’s offices, healthcare clinics, and state, local, and tribal agencies came together to learn and share best practices and current information about vaccination. These immunization heroes devote their time daily to ensure they are shielding Arizona communities from dangerous vaccine preventable [...]

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National Infant Immunization Week

By | April 23rd, 2011|Preparedness|

Immunizations have been the most effective public health intervention of all time (followed by proper sewage treatment and garbage disposal).  We celebrate our successes and sharpen our focus on doing an even better job executing this important intervention every year during National Infant Immunization Week-  which is next week.  Our overall objective is to encourage [...]

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