Our SunWise Skin Cancer Prevention Program has been working all summer spreading the sun safety message throughout the community. In June and July we worked with the Parks and Recreation Departments with City of Phoenix and City of Glendale for their summer camps series.

The SunWise Program visited several sites teaching day campers from ages 6 to 12 sun safe tips and practices . These efforts were successful in teaching sun safety to more than 500 enthusiastic youth.

Our goal with working with the summer camp participants is that they will practice sun safety and teach their peers and families to stay safe. The SunWise Program strives to ensure our youth are equipped with the proper education to know how to protect themselves. It is imperative to instill sun safety habits, such as wearing sunscreen and lip balm with SPF 15+ daily, wearing a wide brimmed hat, and covering up when outdoors. Other tips include wearing sunglasses when outdoors, limiting time in the midday sun, seeking shade and checking the UV index to plan accordingly for outdoor activities.

The SunWise Program is continually striving to establish community partnerships and collaborate to promote the wellness of all Arizonans. Have you adopted a sun safe policy for your school, or an in home rule? Making sun safety a priority at home and in school will motivate your children to practice healthy habits that will serve them for years to come, and making a rule will help as motivation. If you are interested in requesting a presentation or an in school assembly, or if you need assistance in developing a policy for your school, please contact the SunWise Program via email or visit our website.