Last week the Teen Lifeline rolled out its new public service announcement  (PSA) featuring Bridget Pettis from the Phoenix Mercury. Teens attending rallies at Desert Ridge and Tempe Marketplace, as well as 1,500 middle school aged youth attending a bullying prevention event with the Mercury at US Airways were able to view the PSA. This PSA was created in part through a youth suicide prevention grant through our behavioral health shop.  Lisa Shumaker, Claudia Sloan, and Markay Adams were all a part of the project. 

More on suicide prevention…watch this video with Dr. Jane Pearson, as she talks about warning signs as well as progress in suicide prevention. This Real Warriors article provides an overview of resources for family members concerned that a service member or veteran in their family is considering harming him/herself. And lastly, Magellan of Arizona has received the International Association of Suicide Prevention’s (IASP)  prestigious Peter Lee Award for the Central Arizona Programmatic Suicide Deterrent System Project.