A special thanks to our team that worked the US Public Health Service’s Scientific and Training Symposium this week.  Several of our staff hosted informative booths during the Symposium.  A special thanks to Clarisse Tsang who hosted a break out session related to newborns and Hepatitis B. 

It was a special treat to have 3 Surgeon’s General at the Symposium- which was dedicated to the work of C. Everett Koop who served as the Surgeon General from 1982-1989.  Also attending were Joycelyn Elders (1993-1994); David Satcher (1998-2002); and Richard Carmona (2002-2006).  Dr. Satcher headed the CDC from 1993 to 1998 before taking the Surgeon General Post in 1998.  Dr. Elders was in my job in Arkansas before becoming the Surgeon General.  I’m sure you know about Dr. Carmona’s biography with his deep AZ roots.  All 3 had inspiring stories to tell (as well as helpful hints) about their time at the Surgeon General post.