Strategic Effectiveness is defined by three essential components:  Formulate a Plan, Implement the Plan, and Review and Adjust.  Many times we do the first two and forget to come back to the third most important step needed for true progress to occur.  

To “review and adjust,” our senior leadership met in mid-April to do an annual review of our strategic map.  We discussed progress made, examined whether we were on track with our original goals, and looked at whether any part of our map needed updating for the next two years (2012-14).  A few areas shifted around or language was clarified as we all better understood how the map actually translated in our day to day operations.  We clarified that our main objective was to achieve targeted improvements in public health outcomes, not just health outcomes.  Also added was a cross cutting strategy across the bottom to mindfully implement best practices.  We added a box to capture the massive amount of work we do daily to fulfill statutory, regulatory and operational requirements as well as a box for promoting healthy and safe community environments.   Look for the current and past agency strategic plans on our Managing for Excellence website for more.