When I got into public health 25 years ago, it was kind of a boutique profession. Since then, it’s really gone mainstream- and public health is increasingly being recognized as a key element in driving down our country’s increasing health care costs.  So if you’re a beginning or mid-career professional- get in on the ground floor and snap up your MPH right here in Phoenix.

Lucky for you, the U of A’s Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is offering a Master of Public Health (MPH) (with a concentration in Public Health Practice) in Phoenix at the Biomedical Campus.  The next bolus of students will start this Fall.  There’s still time to apply for the fall classes- but the May 1st application deadline is rapidly approaching.

The Phoenix program offers the Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice which prepares students to develop the public health skills needed to work in a variety of governmental and non-governmental settings including the local, county and state departments of health, the Indian Health Service, Medicaid and Medicare programs, hospitals, and community health centers.  Students work as part of multidisciplinary teams and develop skills to manage and evaluate real-life public health programs. Here’s a link about admissions criteria and how to apply.  You can also contact Kim Barnes at [email protected] or 602.827.2070 for more info.