TB-cdcLast week, 25 public health tuberculosis (TB) nurses, epidemiologists and program managers from across the state came together to talk Arizona TB. This group represented 13 counties and three tribal nations, and spent the day talking about what they’ve done, what they do, and what they’re working toward.

The control of tuberculosis can never go on autopilot . Only through trying new prevention and treatment strategies can public health stay ahead of growing case counts. Participants spent time discussing what diagnostic tests they perform (and at what cost), and if they are bringing on new strategies or targeting of populations in the future. Representatives from counties presented their experience with multi-drug resistant TB patients and working with correctional facilities. Evidence-based presentations were also provided on treatment protocols. We ended by strategizing what the state as a whole can do to improve outcomes.

Tuberculosis is the quintessential mix of public health and clinical medicine, and TB programs and clinics across the state are critical and valued partners. By coming together, they share best and evidence-based practice to the benefit of all Arizonans.