The Governor called a special session of the Legislature this week (special session) to address various budget issues including education rollover payment issues, additional sale and leaseback issues, a sales tax referral, and a proration of income tax for out-of-state filers.  All of these matters have a link to our budget and the future of our Agency and mission- but there aren’t any direct line item proposals that talk specifically about the ADHS budget in this  special session proposals.

The Senate passed the proposals earlier this week, and on Thursday afternoon the proposal to have a Public vote on sales-tax hike passed the House.  The proposal had rare bi-partisan support in both chambers.  The ballot proposal for the sales tax increase will become official as soon as the Governor signs the bill and it is certified by the Secretary of State.  The public vote will most likely be on Tuesday, May 18.  If the ballot measure passes, there will still need to be additional budget reductions to state agencies (including ADHS)- but if the measure fails, the reductions will be far more dramatic.  As of the time I’m writing this on Thursday evening, I don’t think that the House has taken a vote on the education rollover payment issues, additional sale and leaseback issues, or the prorating of income tax for out-of-state filers- yet.