The Secretario de Salud Publica & the ADHS jointly received the Arizona Mexico Commission’s Paul Fannin award for our public health collaborations last Friday night.  This is a top award for the Commission- with the award going to “… an organization that has demonstrated acts of goodwill and support toward the development of the Arizona-Sonora relationship.”  It’s named after the AMC’s founder, Governor Paul Fannin.  This is the first Fannin award that has gone to binational recipients.  ASU and UA got a joint award as did ADOT and the Yuma Port Authority a few years ago…  but this is the first one with binational recipients. 


We were jointly recognized for our awesome collaboration on things like valley fever surveillance and interventions, real-time infections bi-national disease reporting, TB case and treatment coordination, collaboration during the H1N1 pandemic, laboratory science teamwork, teen pregnancy and substance abuse prevention, collaboration on assisted living standards, and much more.  Thanks to all of you who have made our relationship with Salud Sonora a success!