SmokeFreeAZ_LogoOn November 7, 2006, Arizona voters approved Proposition 201, the Smoke-Free Arizona Act.  The Act went into effect on May 1, 2007, and prohibited smoking inside and within 20 feet of entrances, open windows, and ventilation systems of most enclosed public places and places of employment in Arizona.

Our Smoke-Free Arizona Program’s continued success is highlighted in the 2015 Smoke-Free Arizona Annual Report.  In partnership with county health departments, we conduct consultations and on-site visits at public places and places of employment such as local businesses, bars, and restaurants to provide education and ensure that Arizonans are protected from secondhand smoke exposure.

The Smoke-Free Arizona Act was a major public health accomplishment that has made our state a healthier place to live.  Since the Act went into effect, a total of 413,545 educational visits and consultations have been conducted, 15,266 complaints have been filed, and 796,343 signs have been distributed statewide.