diseasesWe’re currently busy planning our 6th annual Arizona Infectious Disease Training and Exercise, which will take place from July 21st-23rd this year.  This event brings together nearly 400 infection control practitioners, public and community health nurses, health educators, epidemiologists, sanitarians, correctional facility representatives, animal control agencies, preparedness coordinators, laboratorians, border health counterparts, and university faculty and students to learn about the latest infectious disease topics relevant to Arizona and our region.

The event kicks off with a day-long tabletop exercise for public health and healthcare partners to discuss plans for infectious disease outbreak detection, investigation, and response.  Days 2 and 3 are conference style and will feature local and national speakers on a variety of topics including One Health, public health informatics, vector-borne and zoonotic disease, vaccine-preventable disease, healthcare-associated infections, outbreaks, STDs, tuberculosis, and foodborne disease.  Registration for this free event is now open.​