The annual State Employee Charitable Campaign starts this month and will run for 6 weeks.  Employees will get some additional information about this year’s campaign shortly, but I wanted to let you know about a special part of the campaign for ADHS this year.  I know that the furloughs and the unemployment situation (for your family members) are a hardship for you, making it difficult for some of you to contribute financially this year, so I wanted to add a new component for our agency this year.

This year, ADHS will partner with the Interfaith Cooperative Ministries (or ICM) to provide you with another way to contribute.  ICM is a non-profit clothing bank in south central Phoenix.  They provide an immediate response to basic human needs for folks including clothing, toiletries and financial assistance to those in need.  ICM serves 60,000 clients each year, including families with children.  All of their donations go directly to people that need them and for free.

For 6 weeks, ADHS will have donation boxes in the lobbies of our buildings.  This will provide staff with a great and easy way to contribute clothes from your closet that no longer fit because of the new physical activity program that you’ve started, clothes that your kids have outgrown, or  clothes that you figure you just plain won’t wear anymore.  As you come into work, simply toss your stuff in the box.  They need all kinds of clothes, but especially baby and kid clothes, clothes for both men and women (including shoes) and toiletry products.


The Drive Continues

Remember to go through your closets over the long weekend and bring back the stuff you won’t be using anymore for our Interfaith Cooperative Ministries (ICM) donation boxes which are in the lobbies of the downtown offices and in the lobby of the Admin building at the hospital.  We’re partnering with ICM this year as part of the SECC.  All donations go directly to people that need them — for free.